FQ Unsanctioned Discord @ Philippines

FQ Unsanctioned Discord @ Philippines Information

MTG Modern
12 Players
 2021-05-10 mtgtop8.net

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FQ Unsanctioned Discord @ Philippines Decks

Rank Deck Price
1st Zoo
by paeng_paeng
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2nd Humans
by erbil sinforoso
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Top4 Red Deck Wins
by wynford dayne chan
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Top4 Storm
by robert clyde sanchez
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Tournament Archetype breakdown

Gruul Aggro
Mono Red Obosh
Gifts Storm

Tournament Most Played Cards

# Card Name Price Image
1st Lightning Bolt $1.49
2nd Flame Slash $0.29
3rd Empty the Warrens $0.25
4th Blood Moon $14.99
5th Magus of the Moon $8.49
6th Pieces of the Puzzle $0.25
7th Soul-Guide Lantern $0.35
8th Ancient Grudge $0.25
9th Reckless Bushwhacker $0.99
10th Wild Nacatl $0.99