Top Modern Tokens Decks. More than 6 decks to beat the metagame!

Tokens decklists:

Rank Name Date
Top8   69 Players Bw Tokens WB
By Alessandro Souza  MTG Deck Modern Champion's League.
Top4   18 Players Tokens WBg
By Pedro Jiménez  MTG Deck Palmeras no Entregadas.
Top8   Unknow Players W/B Tokens BWr
By Drew Logsdon  MTG Deck SCG Invitational Qualifier Prairieville.
Top8   61 Players Token WBg
By Guillaume Lestruhaut  MTG Deck Win The Playset-MKM Series Trial Milan.
Top8   38 Players WB Token WBu
By Inoue Daisuke  MTG Deck 晴れる屋モダン杯.
2nd   40 Players Tokens BWr
By Matteo Mentasti  MTG Deck PPTQ Defcon 2.0 - Castellanza, Italy.

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