Top Standard BW Control Decks. More than 6 decks to beat the metagame!

BW Control decklists:

Rank Name Date
1st   27 Players WB Control WB
By Irimajiri Taku  MTG Deck 平日スタンダード20時の部....
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players BW Control BW
By DougTice  Magic Online deck MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League.
Top8   59 Players B/w Planeswalkers BW
By Gustavo Henrique Rodrigues  MTG Deck PPTQ Kyoto @BazardeBagda.
Top32   Unknow Players Orzhov BW
By Bernardo Santos  MTG Deck Grand Prix Utrecht 2017 - Undefeated Day 1.
Top32   1230 Players White-black Control BW
By Bernardo Santos  MTG Deck GP UTRECHT 2017 Complete Top 32 Decks.
1st   13 Players Orzhov BW
By Adrián Seara Vieira  MTG Deck Game Day Aether Revolt Día 1 - Evolution Ourense.

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