Top Jeskai Feather Decks.

We have collected the top Jeskai Feather Standard decks from the latest tournaments. (Jeskai Feather is also known as Feather Aggro, Jeskai). It current price is around 302$.

Standard Jeskai Feather decklists

Rank Name Date
Top32   204 Players Jeskai Feather
By Tom Medvec  MTG Star City Games Team Open Richmond.
1st   Unknow Players Jeskai Feather
By Jordan Cairns  MTGA - Magic Arena The Gaming Stadium Open Series Featuring MTG Arena.
1st   56 Players Feather Aggro
By Miyata Kentarou  MTG Hareruya - Friday Night Magic Standard 20:00 - 2019/5/31.
1st   44 Players Feather Aggro
By Miyata Kentarou  MTG Hareruya - Standard Showdown War of the Spark.
Top128   444 Players Jeskai Feather
By Michael Powers  MTG Star City Games Open Syracuse.
Top64   459 Players Jeskai Feather
By Jason Reid  MTG Star City Games Open Richmond.

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