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We have collected the top Team America Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (Team America is also known as UR Burn, Ur Delver or U/R Delver). It current price is around 757$.

Legacy Team America decklists

Rank Name Date
Top4   94 Players UR Delver
By Mizuguchi Kiyoshi  MTG Known Magicians Clan - 97th.
Top4   94 Players UR Burn
By Mizuguchi Kiyoshi  MTG 97th KMC in Japan.
2nd   65 Players Ur Delver
By Geoffrey Eckert  MTG Quest for Power #3 Timetwister @ MTGFirst Game Center, Glen ....
1st   21 Players UR Burn
By Pedro Malva  MTG Lampions (BR) #7 @ GamerZ - Recife.
Top8   69 Players UR Delver
By Uchihashi Akihito  MTG レガシー神トライアル - 2018/6/3....
Top8   43 Players UR Burn
By Emmanuel Grün  MTG Batikueva + MTGPirulo Legacy Open, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Top8   12 Players UR Burn
By Shayne Sullivan  MTG NBG Legacy 2.0 @ Heidekrug Nürnberg.
1st   43 Players UR Burn
By Mattia Fornacini  MTG Kingdom Legacy IX @ Galactus.
Top4   31 Players UR Burn
By Manuel Drudi  MTG King of Magic Bologna.
Top8   33 Players U/r Delver
By Liam Fogarty  MTG Steve Mcroy Legacy Trophy @ Nexus Games,Palmerston North, Ne....
Top8   21 Players Izzet Delver
By Jim Andersson  MTG Nordsken: Legacy Champions @ Skellefteå Sweden.
2nd   15 Players UR Burn
By Nicola Valle  MTG Legacy at Mana Flask.
Top4   32 Players UR Delver
By Sami Karsikas  MTG KuukkaCon 2018 - Legacy @ Jyväskylä - Ilokivi (Finland).
Top8   33 Players UR Burn
By Alisson Canuto  MTG Legacy RS - 5th Round.
1st   40 Players UR Burn
By Ivan Rodriguez  MTG Liga Impact Legacy - LIL18_3.

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