MTG Legacy Tournaments

Get the best decks from the latest legacy tournaments: mtgtop8, starcitygames, tcgplayer, and many more in a single page.

Date Event name
13-Dec  unknow Players  MTG Star City Games Players' Championship Roanoke 
10-Dec  17 Players  MTG Liga Finals + Weekly @ Hotbox (Berlin, Germany) 
10-Dec  10 Players  MTG Weekly @ CardsStore (Campinas, Brazil) 
10-Dec  unknow Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy League 
09-Dec  unknow Players  MTG MagicFest Brisbane Legacy Championships Top 8 Decks 
08-Dec  16 Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Legacy Format Playoff #12038786 
08-Dec  28 Players  MTG LPL Final 2019 @ Xplace (São Paulo, Brazil) 
08-Dec  50 Players  MTG Hareruya - レガシー神トライアル - 2019/12/8 
08-Dec  53 Players  MTG M3 Master Series @ Mol (Belgium) 
08-Dec  15 Players  MTG Tournament @ Rollingdice (Séoul, South Korea) 
07-Dec  22 Players  MTG 55º Alpha Legacy @ Cards of Paradise 
07-Dec  44 Players  MTG Quest for Duals @ MTGFirst Game Center 
07-Dec  44 Players  MTG Hareruya - 45th All in Legacy Tournament ~≪Underground Sea≫ rumble ~(single elimination) 
03-Dec  11 Players  MTG CardsStore Weekly Legacy @ Campinas, Brazil 
03-Dec  1596 Players  MTG Grand Prix Bologna 2019 - Top 128 Decks 
02-Dec  1596 Players  MTG Grand Prix Bologna 2019 - Top 8 Decks 
02-Dec  unknow Players  MTG Saturday Legacy PTQ @ MagicFest Bologna 
01-Dec  20 Players  MTG 1k Showdown @ Face To Face Games (Toronto, Canada) 
01-Dec  60 Players  MTG NL19 Super Legacy (Bônus LML) @ Belo Horizonte (Brazil) 
01-Dec  130 Players  MTG Brazilian National Legacy 2019 @ Belo Horizonte 

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