MTG Legacy Tournaments

Get the best decks from the latest legacy tournaments: mtgtop8, starcitygames, tcgplayer, and many more in a single page.

Date Event name
21-Apr  32 Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11851284 
21-Apr  25 Players  MTG Hareruya - Magic Fest Back Legacy! 
21-Apr  964 Players  MTG MagicFest Niagara Falls 2019 
20-Apr  957 Players  MTG Grand Prix Niagara Falls 
20-Apr  12 Players  MTG Monthly Legacy @ WCG Workington (Cumbria) 
20-Apr  12 Players  MTG NBG Legacy 2.0 @ Gasthaus Heidekrug (Nürnberg) 
20-Apr  39 Players  MTG Collector Series Qualifiers @ Collector Legion 
20-Apr  unknow Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League 
19-Apr  48 Players  MTG 3° LPL Open @ Epic Game (São Paulo) 
19-Apr  18 Players  MTG Weatherlight Duel for Duals @ Hong Kong 
18-Apr  13 Players  MTG FSW Legacy Series #7 @ Würzburg 
18-Apr  22 Players  MTG Fischkrieg Series #1 @ Fischkrieg Siegen 
17-Apr  14 Players  MTG Mana Sanctum FNM @ Hong Kong 
16-Apr  13 Players  MTG CardsStore Weekly Legacy @ Campinas, Brazil 
14-Apr  65 Players  MTG Hareruya - "Emperor of Legacy" Tournament 5th Season 
14-Apr  32 Players  MTG Super Magic Championship @ Milano (Italy) 
14-Apr  42 Players  MTG Hareruya - God of Legacy Trial - 2019/4/14 
14-Apr  249 Players  MTG MKM Series 2019 - Main Event @ Ghent  
14-Apr  32 Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11845705 
14-Apr  18 Players  MTG Legacy Majors IV @ Kick Engines (Philippines) 

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