MTG Legacy Tournaments

Get the best decks from the latest legacy tournaments: mtgtop8, starcitygames, tcgplayer, and many more in a single page.

Date Event name
28-Dec  13 Players  MTG Pig League 1 Tappa #4 
17-Dec  10 Players  MTG Cenagiardino 2 Tappa #10 
02-Mar  10 Players  MTG I Tappa Lega Legacy Sud Pontino 
10-Feb  32 Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11794026 
10-Feb  51 Players  MTG Win A Dual 32 @ Tuebingen 
10-Feb  53 Players  MTG Legacy Staples @ Knight Ware (Studio City) 
10-Feb  53 Players  MTG [Los Angeles, CA] Knight Ware Sunday - February 
10-Feb  30 Players  MTG Lampions League #28 @ GamerZ - Geek Pit 
09-Feb  unknow Players  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League 
09-Feb  26 Players  MTG Februari 2019 @ Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) 
09-Feb  32 Players  MTG Nexus Games Legacy Open @ Nexus Games Palmerston North 
09-Feb  27 Players  MTG Eternal Series Aalen: Legacy#8 
09-Feb  109 Players  MTG 106th KMC in Japan 
09-Feb  59 Players  MTG Legacy for Dollars @ Atomic Empire (Durham, North Carolina) 
09-Feb  36 Players  MTG 2ΒΊ Jornada The new Hope Series 
09-Feb  56 Players  MTG 44ΒΊ Alpha Legacy @ RED Jogos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 
08-Feb  13 Players  MTG MTG Huizhou 50th Legacy Games 
04-Feb  14 Players  MTG ABU Win-A-Dual #4 Badlands @ ABU Games 
03-Feb  141 Players  MTG Star City Games Classic Baltimore 
03-Feb  861 Players  MTG Star City Games Team Open - Baltimore, MD 

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