Modern 5C Creativity Primer & Sideboard Guide

Sebastian Pozzo
04/05/2023 · 9 min read

Quick Intro


I really hope that you enjoy this guide. If you appreciate it and want to help me with its diffusion, please share it with your friends who might find it useful.

If you have specific questions you can follow me on Twitter   I’ll answer them in future updates so it gets more complete overtime.

My Current Version of the deck

I’ve picked this deck some time ago and it keeps making wonders for me. I top8ed the last 2 Modern Showcase Challenge I played in and also the Showcase Qualifier.

MTGO Preliminary (4-0) - 2023-04-20:

Latest Challenge Versions (top 8) - 2023-04-29:

Updated Version

This is how I’d play the list moving forward in the MTGO metagame  (I’ve made a few small changes in the Sideboard)

5 Color Creativiy. Builder: Sebastian Pozzo.MTGA - Magic Arena
1st in 03-May-2023
Maindeck (60)
Creature [7]
3  Archon of Cruelty   $17.99
4  Fable of the Mirror-Breaker   $29.99
Instant [8]
4  Spell Pierce   $0.35
4  Lightning Bolt   $1.79
Sorcery [9]
2  Expressive Iteration   $2.79
4  Indomitable Creativity   $39.99
2  Prismatic Ending   $0.79
1  Transmogrify   $1.99
Enchantment [4]
4  Leyline Binding   $12.99
Planeswalker [7]
3  Teferi, Time Raveler   $14.99
4  Wrenn and Six   $54.99
Land [25]
2  Wooded Foothills   $44.99
4  Dwarven Mine   $0.35
1  Jetmir's Garden   $12.99
1  Mountain   $0.01
1  Sacred Foundry   $22.99
4  Scalding Tarn   $24.99
2  Steam Vents   $20.99
1  Stomping Ground   $15.99
4  Bloodstained Mire   $39.99
1  Xander's Lounge   $10.99
3  Arid Mesa   $18.99
1  Savai Triome   $17.99
Sideboard [15]
3  Hallowed Moonlight   $9.49
1  Boseiju, Who Endures   $42.99
3  Veil of Summer   $8.49
1  Abundant Growth   $0.39
1  Teferi, Time Raveler   $14.99
4  Change the Equation   $0.35
2  Nature's Claim   $1.49
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Card Choices

Most lists play Blood Crypt instead of Savai Triome as the second black source. Personally, I prefer a third cycling land for Wrenn utility (and to prevent flooding a bit more, as well as making it easier to reach domain 5).

Savai Triome
3.73 Tix

You just need to plan ahead when it comes to casting Archon. Also, most lists don't use Transmogrify; however, I think it's good enough for the main deck.

0.12 Tix

I've noticed that a few lists feature Expressive Iteration in their sideboard, which puzzles me. In numerous matchups, I tend to cut down on the card, primarily because card advantage doesn't appear to be a significant factor in Modern.


I think in many matchups, it's crucial to distinguish how to sideboard on the play and on the draw, and that is why I've included separate sideboarding strategies for them.

Some lists have four Arid Mesa and a Plains in the sideboard for Blood Moon (providing access to Binding as a four-mana Moon removal). I haven't tried that, and changing the equation along with the single Abundant Growth has been effective against Blood Moon. However, since Blood Moon isn't the only way Murktide, Rhinos, and Scam can defeat you, I'm skeptical about bringing in Plains. I would need to try it to determine if it's worth it.

VS Mirror

If they don't play white, Change the Equation can be very good. However, it pairs up so poorly against Teferi (and Veil) that it's better to keep it this way, in my opinion. I don't like Iteration very much because it usually only hits a land, making it a 2-for-1, and tapping for 2 before the late game can be dangerous.

New Jund Persist Creativity

I haven't faced this version of the deck yet, so I'm inclined to think that we are favored; however, I can't be sure.

VS Murktide

There are two easy ways to lose to UR: Blood Moon and an uncontested T1 Ragavan.

I believe players should trim Ragavans when they are on the draw because it dies to Wrenn, and in the late game, fetching a land for mine also stops it. I don't know what else to cut when I'm on the draw to keep Prismatic Ending.

I'm taking out Mountain when on the draw because 24 lands plus 4 Wrenn are enough lands, and you never want to fetch a Mountain in the first few turns. From turn 4 onwards, Mine is just a better Mountain.

On the play

On the draw

VS Rhinos / Cascade

Similar to UR, the easiest ways to lose to Rhinos are an uncontested T3 Rhinos and Blood Moon post sideboard (less likely than against UR, because they can't play Pierce and Counterspell, and have less deck manipulation), so T3 Rhinos is more frightening. If we are on the play, the matchup is straightforward, and T2 Wrenn is excellent. However, on the draw, we need to be cautious not to let T3 Rhinos resolve. If we don't have Pierce, sometimes opening with Fetchland Fetchland (without cracking) is a good way to prevent Fire/Ice tap.

Additionally, we don't want to play T2 Wrenn. Since there's a higher chance of them resolving Rhinos on the draw, we keep some Bindings and hope to resolve one with Binding and the second with another Binding or Teferi/have the time to resolve Creativity.

On the play

On the draw

VS Hammer

Hammer is a scary deck, but I think it’s a good matchup. Instant speed removal to survive until we can bring archons.

VS Rakdos Scam

I like cutting two Spell Pierces out of the deck because sometimes, when opponents see it, it loses a lot of value. Additionally, we need more Ragavan removal. Once again, Blood Moon is their best tool against us, so maybe all Spell Pierces should be kept even out of the deck. If you expect to play against Scapeshift, I recommend trying one Plains (instead of Abundant Growth) and playing four Arid Mesas.

On the play

On the draw

Amulet titan

I think it's a good matchup too. Try to kill the Amulet, and then the Archons can easily finish the game.


Lists vary significantly. I wouldn't recommend maxing out on Change the Equation, as it can be too awkward to incorporate it vs Teferi. If you encounter many counterspells, consider adding some Veils, etc. Also, when playing on the draw, I don't mind cutting a Steam Vents.

VS Living End

We have many tools to use against them, and if we loot Archons, they will need an extremely large Living End to overcome it.

VS BG Yawgmoth

This is a bad matchup. I haven't played against it recently, but they usually pressure us until we are forced to do something. Then, they Chord for Yawg.


On the play

On the Draw

VS UB Mill

Bad matchup, if you expect to face it, an Emrakul in the sideboard does wonders.

On the play

On the draw

VS MonoG Tron

Teferi is not particularly strong, but sometimes it can be crucial to play Creativity at instant speed to prevent the Archons from dying before they take control of the game (with Stone/Ugin).

The plan is to try to delay Tron as much as possible by killing/countering their initial plays.

It's definitely a bad matchup.

On the play:

On the draw

VS Burn

Decent matchup, don’t be scared to mulligan aggressively.

On the play

On the draw

Final Words

If you got here, thanks for reading! 🙂

I hope you find this guide helpful, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, feel free to ask me any questions you might have on Twitter.

And of course, if you'd like to support my work with some tix, crypto, or PayPal, just send me a direct message! Any amount counts!

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Sebastian Pozzo
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Argentinean professional Magic player. Best known for being the 2016–17 Constructed Master, meaning he had the best Constructed record among all players across all four Pro Tours during that season.


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