MTG decks played by Nils R

Rank Name Format Archetype Date
Top64   145 Players Temur Midrange
By Nils Heitmüller  MTGA - Magic Arena Week of Wings Entry Event Tuesday Flight 2 @Red Bull Untappe....
St Temur Adventure 20-Oct
Top64   102 Players Dimir Rogues
By Nils Heitmüller  MTGA - Magic Arena Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany @Red Bull Untappe....
St Dimir Rogues 27-Sep
Top8   26 Players Simic
By Nils Heitmüller  MTG Trader-Con @ Coesfeld.
St Temur MidRamp 17-Nov
Top16   Players Phoenix Izzet
By Nils Schlatter  MTG Grand Prix Birmingham 2019.
Mo Izzet Phoenix 18-Aug
Top8   116 Players Scapeshift
By Nils Schwenzfeier  MTG Traderliga @ Dülmen.
Mo Scapeshift 25-Nov
Top16   60 Players GW Auras
By Nils Rahner  MTG Monthly Bottroper Modern and Legacy April.
Mo GW Auras 22-May
Top8   26 Players Burn
By Nils Heitmüller  MTG Magickeller Hannover.
Mo Burn 30-Apr
Top16   84 Players Project Melira
By Nils Rahner  MTG Bottroper monthly Modern and Legacy Tournament incl. MKM Tri....
Mo Project Melira 28-Mar
Top4   19 Players Abzan
By Nils Heitmüller  MTG Comic Planet Osnabrück First Tournament.
St Abzan Midrange 10-Jan
Top8   22 Players Gruul Aggro
By Nils Heitmüller  MTG Magickeller Hannover Standard-Liga 12/2013.
St Gruul Midrange 21-Dec

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