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Windbrisk Heights
 Hideaway (This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.): Add ., : You may play the exiled card without paying its mana cost if you
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C16 V12 MD1

Windbrisk Heights price trend

First Seen: 2008-Apr-06 Weekly Chng: 1.04% Daily Chng: 0%
52 Weeks Max: 2.15$ 52 Weeks Min: 1.69$ 52 Weeks Avg: 1.93$
First Seen: 2008-Apr-06 Weekly Chng: 5.26% Daily Chng: 12.9%
52 Weeks Max: 2.3$ 52 Weeks Min: 0.08$ 52 Weeks Avg: 0.88$

Windbrisk Heights Recent MTG Decks

A list of the most recent decks using Windbrisk Heights available on MTG decks website.

Rank Name
23 Players

By Julien Invernizzy 
MTG Big Modern 2019 @ Cherbourg (France). 30-Jun
1st (5-0)  
Unknow Players

Benkill (5-0)WBg
By Benkill 
MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Modern League. 02-Jul
1st (5-0)  
Unknow Players

Orim67 (5-0)W
By Orim67 
MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Modern League. 12-Jun
25 Players

By Kristian M. 
MTG Urpín Cup 2019. 06-May
515 Players

Soul SistersWBg
By Tallarico, Santo 
MTG Mythic Championship II London - All Decks. 26-Apr
96 Players

Kytheon, Hero of Akr...W
By Justo Chacon 
MTG ZAP Avril @ Palaiseau. 21-Apr

Windbrisk Heights MTG Archetypes and average price

A list of archetypes playing Windbrisk Heights by format in the last 90 days according to our MTG decks database.

Highlander archetypes playing Windbrisk Heights

Name Decks Price
Mono White - Weenie Wrbgu
1 $736

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