Top Doomsday Decks.

We have collected the top Doomsday Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (Doomsday is also known as ANT, Eldorte1 (31st Place)). It current price is around 2316$.

Legacy Doomsday decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   47 Players ANT
By Tanaka Yuuta  MTG Hareruya - God of Legacy Trial - 2019/9/15.
Top32   32 Players Doomsday
By Eldorte1  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11917866.
1st (5-0)   Unknow Players Doomsday
By d8dk32  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League.
1st   12 Players Doomsday
By Mark Eveleigh  MTG Monthly Legacy @ WCG Workington (Cumbria).
Top8   32 Players Doomsday
By ApeofJustice  MTGO - Magic Online MTGO Legacy Challenge #11845705.
Top8   24 Players Doomsday
By Nico  MTG Duel for Duals @ Weatherlight (Hong Kong).
1st   22 Players Doomsday
By Antoine Calvera  MTG Weekly Legacy @ Mana Depot.

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