Top Painter Gridstone Decks.

We have collected the top Painter Gridstone Legacy decks from the latest tournaments. (Painter Gridstone is also known as Painters, Imperial Painter or Painter). It current price is around 1623$.

Legacy Painter Gridstone decklists

Rank Name Date
Top8   35 Players Grixis Painter
By Nisse Brolin  MTG GPT MKM Paris - Stockholm, Sweden.
2nd   134 Players Imperial Painter
By Juha Hopponen  MTG Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 @ Tampere.
Top64   204 Players Imperial Painter
By Josh Hand  MTG Star City Games Team Open Richmond.
Top8   35 Players Imperial Painter
By Lucas Michaels  MTG Eternal Weekend Qualifier @ Atomic Empire.
Top4   Unknow Players Imperial Painter
By Jack Kitchen  MTG Star City Games Play 4 Power Roanoke.
Top64   656 Players Imperial Painter
By Michael Keller  MTG Star City Games Open Syracuse.
Top16   439 Players Imperial Painter
By Jack Kitchen  MTG SCG Legacy Open Baltimore.
Top16   16 Players Kakashi's Gang
By Ander Turrez  MTG Legacy League IX - Playoffs @ Stockholm, Sweden.
Top8   22 Players Mono U Painter
By Manuel Dangel  MTG 3. Kemptener Legacy Open @ Heldenschmiede, Kempten.
Top128   520 Players Mono-Red Painter
By Sean Sabic  MTG Star City Games Open Syracuse.
Top8   38 Players Monor Painter
By Ziemowit Struzyna  MTG Gralnia Legacy Trial @ Gralnia (Lodz, Poland).
Top8   183 Players Painter
By Oda Kouichi  MTG Hareruya - The 15th God of Legacy.
Top8   43 Players Painter
By Katou Keita  MTG Hareruya - 《City of Traitors》Legacy Cup.
Top16   181 Players Painter
By Soejima Naoki  MTG Hareruya - The 14th God of Legacy - Top16.
Top8   26 Players Painter
By Dustin Mccannon  MTG Benefitting Houston Food Bank Event.

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